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The Guilty Pleasures of Jochen Miller


In the world of an artist, music is everything. Yeah, we know… It’s not like we told you anything new here. But hold your horses. Have you ever wondered what other things in life pique a musician’s interest? Ever thought about the other stuff an artist loves to do or the things that inspire him or her time and time again? No matter your answer to these questions, you’ll definitely love reading this.

Starting off this series with the talented DJ/producer whose tracks continue to make an exceptionally strong impression, we sat down with Armada Music’s very own Jochen Miller and confronted him with the guilty pleasures his manager told us about.

So, Jochen. We’ll start off by taking it easy on you. What’s the deal with your Wall of Fame on Facebook?
It’s a funny thing, really. Normally, the ‘fan + artist pictures’ only get posted on the Facebook page of the fan in question. But when all of these fans started sending me their pictures, I kept thinking that they deserved some sort of credit for their dedication. And that’s how the Wall of Fame came to be. Ever since I began to show them this kind of love on my Facebook page, I got massive response from them saying how much they like it. So, the world has turned upside-down since. They used to want to take pictures with me, but now it’s the other way around!

Next up, you seem to love being at the gym, especially when it involves anything even remotely related to CrossFit. What the story behind this?
Naturally, hitting the gym and indulging in CrossFit helps me keep in shape, which is what gets me through the tough days and full-blown tours. But the reason I like it has a lot to do with my love for music. Crossfit, for instance is extremely varied and pushes you to the limit. I try to do the same things in the studio. It’s all about balance and that’s exactly what I try to achieve, both in the gym and in the studio.

We’ve also been told that you’re somewhat of a rollercoaster-ride maniac. Care to explain why?
I think it’s the thrill that really gets to me. It’s not like I plan to get all psyched up of for a rollercoaster ride whenever I find myself in a theme park, but as soon as these huge and intense structures catch my eye, I’m good to go. Even if that means going for a ride all by myself. It’s the sort of thrill I just can’t resist.

Does your love for Apple products work the same way then?
I don’t think I’m the only self-proclaimed Apple nerd out there, but it’s not just the product that gets me. I love the innovation that goes behind it all, the continuous efforts to come up with a new feature. It’s the same thing in my music. I am always trying to push myself to the limit, aiming to renew my music and sound and to find something unique to incorporate. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the real reason why Apple and I are such a good fit.

Now this may not be an actual ‘guilty’ pleasure, but we’ve heard you are always eager to try out new restaurants and dished whenever you are to perform abroad. Why is that? 
I was born to a traditional family. And this meant that whenever we were abroad, we found it easier to eat or drink something that was familiar than to discover the local cuisine. But I work a bit differently.

Whenever I’m away from home in another country or even in another part of the world, I like to try out new restaurants, dishes, flavors, the whole shebang. I think we can learn something from every culture, whether it’s related to food or music. On a musical level, I embrace all sorts of musical influences, simply because I know it will help me grow as an artist.

Alright, the last one’s up, so prepare yourself. About everyone we know thinks you are a genuine nice guy and has nothing bad to say about you or your music. But we got wind of your history as a football player and your record of service gives off some rather interesting insights. So would you be so kind as to tell your fans how many legs you kicked in half throughout your career as an amateur football player?
I guess the time has come to come clean about this after all. But first things first. In general, I consider myself a nice guy. And a lot of people support me on this. But when it comes to sports or anything even remotely competitive, I like to win. It’s as simple as that.

During my years as a football player, I was the team’s sweeper, the last of the entire defensive line. No one – and I do mean NO ONE – was allowed to get past me. PERIOD. And because I was (and AM) so competitive, I might have treated a few strikers to a handful of rather intense-looking sliding tackles. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, right? To any striker reading this, I’m really sorry! 🙂

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