The Tale of Ruben de Ronde: ‘My Story’

Ruben de Ronde has come a long way. Since embarking onto the scene, the celebrated Dutchman has taken his signature sound to screaming crowds all over the world, all the while securing a spot at the acclaimed A State Of Trance events time and time again. Now, it’s time for Ruben de Ronde tell his story: ‘My Story’.

01. Time Has Come (with Sir Notch)
“I met Sir Notch for the first time a few years ago, backstage after my gig at Ushuaïa in Ibiza. There, we started talking about working together “soon”. The soon became two years later, which seems like a good fit with the name of the song. Although it may be the most “commercial’ track featured on ‘My Story’, I am really proud of what we put together! The lyrics are really invigorating, so I hope you’ll pay attention to those as well!”

02. All About You (with Victoria Ray)
“I already had the pleasure to work with Victoria in 2015 when she wrote ‘Dreams Come True’ and it was great to see that this song got embraced by so many people around the world. The DRYM remix even made it onto the ‘A State of Trance 2015’ compilation. It made perfect sense to work together with Victoria again, because I think she is one of the most talented and original singer-songwriters out there. We really tried to cross genres to bring you this emotional tune.”

03. Open Wide (Album Version) (with Donata Kramarz)
“This tune came about during a fantastic writing session, set up by my publisher Cloud 9 Music. Earlier in 2016, I had the pleasure to sit down in the studio with songwriter Matias Lehtola and singer-songwriter Donata Kramarz. The only thing that I brought into the studio was a piano melody, which I originally wrote at a very sad (personal) occasion. Within a few hours, we had managed to lay down the basics for ‘Open Wide’. One of my favorite things to produce has to be Leftfield/Ambient music and I felt that I would do justice to the roots of the song to keep things plain and simple, without the proverbial ‘bang’. Meanwhile, ‘Open Wide’ got two fantastic remixes and I have been playing those in my sets for some time already.”

04. All In (with Kimberly Hale)
“Those that are more familiar with my music surely know of the team up I did with LTN and Kimberly Hale called ‘Moment Of Truth’. My remix of the collab is about to hit 1 million streams on Spotify, so a follow-up track was due. In the process of the songwriting, I discovered how unique and quirky Kimberly is. She manages to give such a deep feeling to what she writes and sings. I hope to make many more tunes with her in the future, as I did with ‘All In’!”

05. Bliss (with Muvy)
“For almost ten years now, I have been blessed with running my own record label: ‘Statement Music’. Throughout the years, I have received an amazing amount of music from talents around the world. One of the most steady artists I have had on the label is Russian producer Muvy. The Russian star in the making has such a great feel for melody. We started to send ideas back and forth and within a short amount of time, ‘Bliss’ was born. This turned out to be one of the first singles of ‘My Story’ and the first Sirius XM BPM RADIO playlist add we had in our careers.”

06. Eska
“Dedicated to the lovers of my radio show The Sound of Holland, ‘Eska’ is a darker, Techno-driven tune with some haunting vocals. If you dig deep and dirty, this could very well be your favorite. Scuba gear on!”

07. Run Away (with Victoria Ray)
“‘Run Away’ is the third tune that Victoria and I have written and the second on ‘My Story’. With ‘Run Away’, we went for a deeper and more down-tempo vibe. The start of this tune came about when I produced the show music for Hardwell’s ‘United We Are’ world tour. I took some of the elements used in there and turned them into these melodies. Victoria rocked the songwriting and singing as always. The title really made me feel like floating away. While making this tune, I often closed my eyes to drift away on the layers of music.”

08. Leave A Light On (with Rodg & Louise Rademakers)
“This song has been the steady opening tune in pretty much all of my sets since my main stage performance at A State of Trance 750 in Utrecht last year. It is a blessing to work together with my friend Rodg on a lot of fantastic music (more coming soon) and the same can be said about Louise! She is an absolute gem and I hope we can do many shows together like we did at the very first Statement Night. Put this woman behind a piano and your mind will be blown!”

09. Moment of Truth (with LTN & Kimberly Hale)
“What is there to be said about this tune that I haven’t mentioned earlier at ‘All In’? Hmmmmmm… I would say that I didn’t expect that both the mix that Louis (LTN) and myself did would be so different, yet appealing to so many people. Louis, if you are reading this, let’s work on some more music!”

10. My Story (with Natalie Gioia)
“‘My Story’ was the final tune to be finished for this album. It turned out to be the title track because it perfectly conveys what I tried to deliver with this album! It was an absolute pleasure to work with a star like Natalie Gioia, as I think she is one of the best in the game. Just look at the fantastic tunes she has done in the past!”

11. By Your Side (with Aelyn)
“This will remain one of my favorite tunes I have ever been able to release, so I just had to include it on ‘My Story’. When I made the instrumental, I was in a mood like “Why aren’t there any tunes like on ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ anymore?” I had worked with Aelyn in the past and I really wanted to bring her in on a song again. As a result, ‘By Your Side’ was born. Even though this tune has been released previously, I strongly believed it would fit into the story of the album.”

12. Compound (with THNK)
“As a big fan of Techno and Melodic Techhouse, I had a collaboration with Dutch producer THNK high on my bucket list. It became reality with ‘Compound’! I think the result is a perfect blend of both of our genres; he brought the groove and I brought the trancey vibes. A banging end to ‘My Story’!”

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