Thomas Newson & Marco V: “We learn a lot from each other…”


With two generations worth of killer tunes, Thomas Newson & Marco V is a team-up sought after. The son-meets-father combination has reassembled after their club hit ‘Jaguar’ and returns with ‘Together’ in collaboration with American vocal duo RUMORS. Time to shed some light on the origin of their joint venture, their takes on today’s music scene, and whether their brand new single is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thomas,… undoubtedly, you have been learning a lot from your father. Can you give a few examples of this ‘education’? And Marco, what knowledge have you gained by working with Thomas?  
Thomas: “I can’t give you any exact examples, but we talk a lot about music. Apart from that, he gives me advice on the business side of things. And the stuff we do in the studio also helps me a lot.”

Marco: “Actually, I’ve learned a lot of Thomas. First of all that it is important not to put too much elements in a song. And secondly, we often talk about old samples and sounds that have grown to be cool again. Thomas helps me a lot by urging me to look differently to these old sounds. I’ve been in the scene for a long time, and these sounds seemed to have been overused in the past. But Thomas excels at showing me what sounds have re-entered musical fashion.”

‘Together’ is such a tremendous tune! Can you tell us something about how this track came to see the light of day?
“Thank you. We already launched a song together last year (‘Jaguar’) and we simply wanted to do a new track. We had the opportunity to work with the guys of RUMORS and they came up with these great vocals. We both liked their contribution very much and that’s how ‘Together’ came to be.”

Marco, how has your sound developed over the years and what do you make of the current Electronic Music climate and the way it is evolving?
“The biggest change in my sound is the BPM and the fact that I pack less elements in my productions. I used to have five or six different synth layers with a lot of percussion. Now, having a cool bassline and synth already works wonders.”

“As for the current Electronic Music climate, I really like the way it’s evolving at the moment. A lot of old-school sounds are coming back and we able to see the rising of the underground scene. It’s already happening on a smaller scale, but I think the split between the more commercial sounds or festivals and the underground vibe is going to be a big thing in the years to come.”

Thomas, do you have anything to add regarding the current Electronic Music scene and the way it’s shifting?
“I think the Electronic Music scene is a blend of different styles and I think it’s going to be even more diverse in the next year. On top of that, the ‘old’ sounds are returning, which could prove to be very interesting.”


Can we expect more collaborations in the future and can you guys tell us some more about upcoming projects/gigs?
Yes! We are working on a few new Thomas Newson & Marco V tracks. The first one slated for release after “Together” is ‘Tumbleweed’, coming out on Flamingo records in December.

We also did a number of great festivals together like Tomorrowland, Summer Festival and Dance Valley this summer. The next gig where we’ll be playing back-2-back is on a cruise ship in Singapore with Showtek, Ferry Corsten and Kaskade. Looking forward to that!

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