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15 world-famous Electronic Music families

Family… You can’t always live with ’em, but you sure as hell CAN make music together. Parents pass on talents to their children, and they in turn might infect their siblings with dreams and high hopes of becoming a professional musician. Here are fifteen world-famous examples of Electronic Music families breaking onto the scene, either by themselves or together…

Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg
Starting off with a “duo” that didn’t form until the mid or late 2000s, Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg weren’t exactly related to each other since birth. But since the Swedish DJs took their vows, joined in holy matrimony and became the proud parents of three beautiful daughters, we can’t exactly deny them a spot in this list, can we?

01. Adam Beyer + Ida Engberg

Armin & Eller van Buuren
Ahh, a perfect example of the brotherly love you’ll be coming across a lot in this list. Although having ventured in unmistakably different musical directions, Armin and Eller link up occasionally and provide us with unforgettable moments whenever they do.

Formerly known as Brodanse, Austen/Scott consists of U.K.-based lads Austen Smart and Scott Smart. Besides their fondness for crafting up ridiculously groovy rhythms, they are also the founders of House-meets-Techno label Danse Club Records. You can probably guess what the “Bro”in “Brodanse” stood for.

02. Brodanse

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Do we even need to say anything about these guys? Dimitri Thivaios and Mike Thivaios are arguably the most well-known brothers in Electronic Music, most likely due to their slew of hit singles, their recent #1 position in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll, and their internationally acclaimed Smash The House label.

06. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Where to begin with this sensational English Electronic Music duo. The boys from award-winning act Disclosure (Howard and Guy Lawrence) have churned out two albums so far, and both have been nominated for a Grammy®. If that’s not an accolade to happily share with your family and build the rest of your career on, nothing else is. Their parents also being professional musicians has rubbed off on these guys real good.

05. Disclosure

Here is another example of brothers breaking onto the scene faster than one can pronounce their artist name. Composed of Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef, Canadian duo DVBBS haven’t just been making waves. They’ve been causing tsunamis.


Dutch House duo DubVision consists of Victor and Stephan Leicher, Reportedly, they’ve been “forced” by their parents to play the piano from the age of seven. Looking back on the musical success they’ve had so far, we’re fairly certain that they won’t be complaining after all.

04. DubVision

Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner
As far as we’re concerned, we’ve heard enough from the Kalkbrenner brothers to know that few can rival what they do. If you haven’t heard of either Paul or his younger sibling Fritz, changes are you are just not that fond of really good music. You’d do well to check these guys out if you haven’t already.


Gareth & Roxanne Emery
Gareth Emery is a true Electronic Music pioneer and Roxanne is his sister and manager. But on top of these things, she’s also got a gorgeous voice. Whereas Gareth keeps churning out pounding beats and world-changing melodies, Roxanne delivers the kind of heart-wrenching vocals that would bring tears to the eyes of the toughest men on earth. They’ve collaborated a few times so far, for instance on the single ‘Soldier’ on Gareth’s second artist album: ‘Drive‘.

13. Gareth & Roxanne Emery

John & Jesper Dahlbäck
The ‘Saga’ of John and Jesper Dahlbäck is one worth telling alright. John brings House Music to another level and Jesper kills it in the Techno scene. Doesn’t mean they can’t collaborate, though. The aliases Hugg&Pepp and Pepp&Kaliber might ring a bell here.


NERVO are not just two extremely talented, Australian DJs and producers. Twin sisters Miriam and Olivia are also amongst the few women consistently taking a spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll, scoring a top 25 rank for three years in a row now. Who knows where they’ll be same time next year.


Moving on to the third set of Dutch brothers in this list, we’ve arrived at EDM act Showtek, who originally made waves in the Hardstyle scene. Consisting of Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, Showtek are the label owners of their Skink label and are mirrored by cartoon alter egos Baldy & Cresty. Now that’s not something you hear every day.

03. Showtek

Steve Angello & AN21
Never two to put emphasis on being akin, Steve Angello & AN21 are just two sublime artists that happen to be related. Although Steve Angello is obviously more famous than his brother (mainly due to Steve comprising one third of celebrated trio Swedish House Mafia), that doesn’t mean the one overshadows the other. Both of ’em take the spotlight when they can and shine brightly when they do.


The Saunderson Brothers
These aren’t exactly the best example of world-famous brothers in music (yet), but it helps that they are the sons of Techno legend Kevin Saunderson. Although fairly new to the scene themselves, we bet they’ll be making daddy proud in no time.

Thomas Newson & Marco V
Speaking about making daddy proud, Thomas Newson is doing one hell of a job at that. As the son of Dutch Electronic Music legend Marco V, expectations are sky-high. Nevertheless, he’s doesn’t disappoint at all and teams up with father Marco more than often. On the single below for instance…

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