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5 Progressive Classics That Hit You Right In The Feels


To the casual listener, Progressive has become a blurred line between genres that can’t be officially labeled. But to the avid fan, it is much more than that. Merging in licks of Trance, Techno, and the greater underground, it brings one of the most unique, underrated, and beautiful sounds of electronic music to the table. Long-time pioneers of the sound have captivated a loyal fan base and these classics fuel the ongoing fire that will never be extinguished. We dug around the Progressive scene to scope out some of the world’s all-time favorites. Check out what we’ve got…

Rocco Mundo x ONNO Featuring Mirlo – Je T’Aime
As a newer [in retrospect — 2006], but nonetheless great embellishment of the Progressive scene, it was a must to add this fiery track. The drums guide your hips, while the aggressive journey brings you through highs and lows. The upbeat track is one that crosses too many platforms to mention, but the sensual lyrics captivate the body.

Sasha – Magic (Digweed’s 3D Mix)
Guided by the fluttering and jittery sounds of the legendary Sasha and Digweed, ‘Magic’ is exactly what the title implies. Generic to many people’s minds, there’s no way we could create a Progressive classics list and leave out two of the leading artists in the game: Sasha and Digweed. The highs, lows, and soulful chorus leave an imprint in your mind.

Guy Mantzur x Roy Rosenfeld – Epika
It may be too early to shout this out as a classic, but it is the perfect fuel to any Progressive fire. The track is one that simply makes the body move. It touches deep into the soul, the way music always should. It’s one of those tracks that you could hear over and over again, but never get sick of. It’s plain magic and there’s no way to explain it any better.

Camino Del Sol – Antena (Joakim Remix)
When building a biased list like this, it was only right to plug into local DJs and producers for their input and it seemed that this track couldn’t go unmentioned. Starting off slow, the track builds up into a whirlwind of emotions. Its dramatic energy puts you in a melodic daze and pushes you back into a perfect time and place.

Heaven Scent – Bedrock
Bedrock Records had to make an appearance on this list and what better way than with a ‘Heaven Scent’ journey. This track is fueled by a plethora of exotic sounds that have the ear jumping around, wondering what’s next. You’re brought through different realms of Trance-and-Techno-fueled beats and brought to the end of a Progressive era. There’s no denying this one can make people move!

Written by Cristiana Votta

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