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5 Deep House Radio Shows For Your Listening Pleasure


In an industry overflowing with new music, there’s way too much to explore. How do you decide what’s satisfying to the ear? How do you pick the latest and greatest sounds in the Deep House realm? Well, reading this blog is definitely one of the ways to go about it. Groove along with us and let us know if we’re missing any of your favorites! The possibilities for tuning in are limitless, but here are five Deep House radio shows you should definitely check out.

Somatic, Pioneer DJ Radio – Josh Butler
Pioneer DJ Radio doesn’t mess around when it comes to quality tunes. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that young, yet thriving English talent Josh Butler hosts his featured “Somatic” podcast every two weeks. His hour-long journey takes you through the latest and greatest of his own tunes and those of classic legends, making it impossible to sit still in your chair. Unlike many artists, Josh Butler’s sound strikes heavily upon a variety of sophisticated sounds – Deep House, Techno, and so on. See if it strikes you and if so, be sure to join him for Tribal Sessions residency this summer at Sankeys Ibiza!

Clapcast – Claptone
Releasing monthly, the mysterious masked identity that is Claptone brings the world all of its Deep House desires. Jive along as you wonder what awaits you in this free-to-download radio show; what’s not to love?! You’re sure to hear all the greatest from your favorite soulful artists worldwide. There’s something about listening to an unidentified person that makes it oh so satisfying! Catch his new set of tunes and, of course, his appearance at Coachella 2016!

Stil Vor Talent — Collective
It would be uncanny to leave out the likes of Stil Vor Talent, whose radio show collective goes back years and years. You’ll never run out of classic tunes to guide you through the day. Their show hosts the sounds of many artists, but it’d be silly to fail to mention Armada Music favorite MÖWE. The flavorful Viennese duo root back to 2013 and have launched forward at incredible rates ever since. The radio show as a whole brings a wide variety of sounds and styles; there’s sure to be something to grab your attention.

The Anjunadeep Edition – Collective
We may be walking on enemy turf with this one, but how could we ever leave out the collective sounds of some of the greatest Deep House artists of today? The Anjunadeep sound is definitely an acquired taste, but there’s no denying that artists like Atish, Jody Wisternoff and James Grant bring something special to the table. The label’s eclectic sounds show off in an extensive showcase — there’s something for everyone to get their hands on and there’s an unpredictable sense of exploration that comes along with it!

Steyoyoke Black Podcast – Collective
Digging deep into the depths of the underground and supporting a Berlin-based sound collective are all the goals of this newer radio show that you’ve got to check out. If diverse sounds and new discoveries are on top of your agenda, this one is a no-brainer. It’s deep, it’s German and it’s irresistible! It might get more Techno-ish every now and then, but that doesn’t matter. The only question is, how deep do you like your beats?

 Can’t stand radio shows and want to discover Deep House music in some other way? Check out the Armada Deep Top 100 playlist on Spotify below.

Written by Cristiana Votta

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