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The five greatest hotshots for discovering new music…

Back in the days, grandma didn’t have all this fancy tech to worry about. There were no streams, no digital music downloads, and no portable music players. But times changed rather quickly. As your favorite cheek-pincher now frequently declares her computer to be “the devil’s kin”, you wander through this dynamic world playing your favorite music directly from your smartphone. But that’s not the end of it. On the contrary even.

The vibrant music industry requires innovations to emerge at a brisk pace, leading to the swift rise of various new features. So to summarize it all, you now have various music platforms buzzing on the latest technology, all the while grandpa Vinyl urges you to keep him company throughout the last of his days. This could very well be a bit overwhelming, especially because the minor differences between the services and platforms are all you have to base your preference on. So to help you make your way through the maze that is today’s music world, we’ve selected 5 of the greatest hotspots to go to for your daily dose of music consumption.


If you’re looking for the biggest music streaming service of the moment, here it is… Welcome to Spotify, where the majority of all music consumers owns an account. Armada Music and its artists host dozens of playlists there that will get you going. Whether it’s the best Deep House hits, Armin van Buuren’s weekly A State of Trance radio show, or the newest tunes only, our playlist curators arrange your favorite tracks in the best possible order on a daily basis.

A Spotify subscription is free, if you don’t mind advertisements and can live with some restrictions on mobile usage. But u really want the full experience, it is definitely worth the $9,99 a month for unlimited access.

Apple Music

Whilst iTunes remains the go-to place to download a track that you really want to have, Apple Music is a fairly new streaming service owned by the tech giant, designed to have access to a full music catalogue. You can follow artists personally and see what they share on ‘Connect’, and there’s a radio station called Beats 1 that serves you the hottest jams.

Good to know: Apple Music has a three-month free trial. So why not give it a go? Because you have a Samsung phone running on Android? Sorted, the Apple Music app now also runs on your device.

YouTube Red

Of course you know YouTube, but have you heard about YouTube Red? The video streaming platform owned by Google has recently introduced a subscription service called YouTube Red. If you subscribe, you’ll get YouTube in a way you always wanted. Next to the sought-after absence of annoying advertisements, you’ll be able to play music in the background while switching to other apps on your mobile. And you can even watch music videos when your 4G or Wi-Fi connection is failing you. It’s all included for less than 10 bucks a month.

For now, YouTube Red is only available in the United States, but we expect it to roll out to other territories soon. It’ll give you access to Google Play Music and it works extremely well with the brand new YouTube Music app. Speaking of which, the app is available for free in the app store.


To start a streaming service and secure the right licenses required, companies have to go through a difficult process of negotiations. And since this has to be done individually for each territory, it could come happen that one of the beforementioned services is not available in your country. If that is indeed the case, Deezer is your best friend. They offer their streaming service in more than 180 countries. Chances are it’s also available to you.


Known as THE place to buy full-length, maximum-quality extended versions for over a decade, Beatport equals paradise for DJs looking for tracks to play in their sets. Streaming music is an ideal way of music consumption, but if you’re the one selecting the tracks, you still need to grab a copy first. Thankfully, Beatport’s catalogue is diverse, covering all subgenres in the big dance world we’re living in. And it recently launched its own streaming service as well. You can check out that below.

Curated by Ralf van de Ven

Of course, we continue to update the list of services on where to find our music. Should you have any questions or preference where to listen to our music, feel free to let us know by tweeting @armada or posting a comment below.

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