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The Most Remarkable DJ Campaigns of All Time

Today’s world is filled with electronic music and the DJ scene is a pretty good business to work in. But contrary to what some may believe, it aren’t just the production skills of an artist that do the trick. Marketing is every bit as important in the development of a DJ’s career. Even when certain campaigns push it a little too far, it can be very rewarding to stand out. Today, we’re making sure you won’t miss out on some of those promotion campaigns that proved to be a little over the edge. Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable DJ campaigns ever run.

The Accidental Shirtless Campaign
On February 3rd of 2016, Calvin Harris posted a tweet saying :“I feel partly responsible for all these shirtless DJ selfies on Instagram and I just want to say sorry because it’s horrible”. It all started when the DJ was photographed almost completely naked for Armani’s new underwear line. After he posted a picture of the photoshoot in question on his socials, many DJs seemed to follow. Diplo, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Bizzey of Yellow Claw, Alesso and even Dillon Francis all posted half-naked pictures of themselves on their socials. Those were pictures on stage, at boat celebrations, crop top pictures, you name it. In the end, it definitely led to some extra publicity. Good or bad publicity? We’ll let you decide.


Martin Garrix’ Photo Campaign
What better ways to promote yourself than by connecting with your fans, you ask? We don’t think there are any, especially when they contain a funny aspect and if they’re advantageous for both the artist and the fans. Last year, Martin Garrix connected with his fans in such a way. A website was designed on which fans could add Martin Garrix’ trademark logo to their profile pictures. You merely had to join team Garrix at this website and your photo could even be shared by the great DJ himself! The idea was simple and cool, whereas the logo was a good solution to cover up pimples and blemishes as well!


Hardwell Overcomes his Biggest Fears
Though this wasn’t even supposed to be a campaign originally, it sure made DJ Hardwell take the spotlight again. When one of his closest friends, Skiandre, dared him to jump out of a plane when he became #1 in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll, he agreed. What are the odds of becoming the number one DJ in the world, right? Well, we all know what happened!

Hardwell lived up to his end of the deal and jumped out of a plane with three of his closest friends and one of his managers. We must say, with his fear of extreme sports, it was very brave of him! He celebrated his victory by doing something extraordinary and the video below might make you desire such a rush of adrenaline yourself!

Getting Nice and Sweaty with Bob Sinclar
Speaking of the DJ Mag contest, there were A LOT of DJs who wanted to become number one in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll of 2013. Their attempts led to some very funny campaigns. Some examples are Alanis Morrissette’s video in which she mocks the occupation of DJs, Boys Noize promising more music education in schools, and Dillon Francis’ love for tacos.

There was one in particular that stood out and really made us laugh our socks off though. It was this video of Bob Sinclar, where he draws attention in a very, edgy, yet hilarious way.

Taco Dill?!
Then there was Dillon Francis’ DJ Awareness campaign. The American DJ and producer went to shoot this video in downtown L.A., with the goal to raise awareness for DJs by handing out some free food! We don’t exactly know what it’s like on the other side of the globe, but free food is always good! Check out how Dillon Francis “raised awareness for DJs and touring” in an extremely amusing way!

‘Embrace’ the Flyboard
On the 29th of October in 2015, Armin van Buuren released his latest album: ‘Embrace’. Approximately two weeks earlier, during the large Dutch electronic music event called Amsterdam Dance Event, Armin received the very first copy of the album by way of a truly exceptional campaign!

In one of the canals in the center of Amsterdam, a flyboard pilot (a guy with a water jetpack on his back), made a quite a stir. After making waves in the canals with a few tricks and drafting in a large audience because of it, he surprised Armin with a briefcase containing the very first physical copy of ‘Embrace’. Even for a DJ that has already seen so much, this was a lovely surprise.

Written by Cheryl Shahheidari

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