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The best live sets at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016

Ultra Music Festival Miami is a wrap and still fresh in our memory. With over 200 artists featured in the three-day happening, there were so many sets that blew us away. But as there is only so much space in this list, we just went on to choose the few performances that made the biggest impression on us.

Deadmau5 – ASOT Stage
Even the most resilient Trance fans must have been hurting inside a bit. How could someone like Deadmau5 be granted a spot at the A State Of Trance 750 stage at Ultra? But whether you appreciate the man’s fuck-all attitude or not, he did in fact deliver. Opening a set with Heavy Metal only to continue with deep-rooted Techno builds might have not been a generic Trance fan’s idea of an A State Of Trance Ultra Special, but one can’t deny the ‘special’ part. Deadmau5 kept an open mind and so did ASOT. Isn’t that what passion for music is truly about?

Cedric Gervais – Worldwide Stage
We can’t recall if it was due to the Miami debut of mint single and Delecta Records premiere ‘With You’ feat. Jack Wilby or the on-stage guest appearance of Borgore as Cedric kicked in his remix of the latest Borgore single, but it was absolutely slamming. Cedric knows like no other how to spoil the home crowd and they got exactly what they bargained for. A sublime performance!

Welcome to the wonderful world of W&W. Where words won’t matter and whopping whirlwinds of sound hit you right in your face… Alliterations aside, this Dutch duo devastated the main stage with their high-octane live set and personal touch of kick-ass EDM. If that was what you came to Ultra for, you’ll have left the three-day festival fully satisfied.

Deadmau5 – Live Stage
Who would’ve guessed that Deadmau5 would save the day? Well, he did it. Legendary headliner The Prodigy was supposed to play the closing set at the Live Stage, but the U.K. band was forced to cancel. Instead, Deadmau5 treated the crowd to a few of his own brilliant works and some moody techno vibes, even adding a sweet Noisia rendition of The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ to the mix in the middle of it all as a tribute. Thumbs up to you, Joel. It shows that even EDM bad boys can be heroes!

Carl Cox – Carl Cox & Friends Stage
Never a crowd to regard Techno music as an inferior genre, the audience of Ultra has always welcomed its driving beats with open arms. As expected though, because who could resist a live set from the legendary Carl Cox, let alone a ‘Carl Cox & Friends’ stage entirely dedicated to the beloved genre. Here’s the live set of Carl Cox to celebrate Techno music remaining at the pinnacle of the Electronic Music calendar. Who wouldn’t have it any other way?

Dash Berlin
Dash Berlin’s UMF Live set was definitely one for the die-hard ‘Dashers’. Almost entirely made up of Dash Berlin originals, remixes, reworks, and mash-ups, you get the picture. What else can we say? It was Dash, so it was awesome!

Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren, the one and only dominator. The way in which he smashed the main stage at Ultra redefines the meaning of the word ‘wow’. Words are doomed to fail when trying to describe this epic live set, so you’d do best to check it out yourselves. This set will go down in history as one of his most slamming main stage performances to date.

Also, a massive shout out to everyone who performed at UMF Miami 2016 or attended the multi-day event to show support and enjoy Electronic Music. You rock!

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