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The Legends Of Techno: Part 1

Though you may be inclined to associate Techno with Europe, it was born in Detroit’s urban loft and abandoned warehouses in the early ’80s. Its pioneers were young men who created a future in music with synths and drum machines alike and the genre soon spread to Europe, the UK and of course Germany. Now the staple of the underground scene in Berlin, Techno music has always stayed true to those who contributed to its legacy. And that’s exactly why we’re listing no less than six main characters of the Techno story in part 1 of The Legends Of Techno…

The Legends Of Techno: Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills belongs to the second generation of Techno producers and DJs. He started off his career as a radio DJ in the early ’80s under his ‘The Wizard’ moniker and founded the Underground Resistance label with ‘Mad’ Mike Banks and Robert Hood. His energetic style of turntablism earned him tons of fans around the globe and many still consider him one of the best DJs in the world. Jeff Mills also serves as the head honcho of his own Axis Records label.

The Legends Of Techno: Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin has been one of the leading figures in Minimal Techno since the early ’90s. He founded two globally acclaimed Techno imprints (Plus 8 and Minus) and conquered the world under various aliases, including electronic music phenomenon Plastikman. Throughout a career spanning almost thirty years, this man is still very much a key artists in the Techno scene.

The Legends Of Techno: Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer’s specific skill set has yet to find its match. The Swedish Techno mogul has been serving as the figurehead of the Swedish Techno scene for years and has been delivering cutting-edge productions across three labels as its founder and head honcho, including the legendary Drumcode label. His revered live sets have been the center of attention at the world’s biggest festivals and the world of Techno might’ve looked a whole lot different if it hadn’t been for Mr. Beyer.

The Legends Of Techno: Carl Cox

Where to begin… Carl Cox truly is a living legend of Acid House, Techno and dance music in general, not to mention a (very) charismatic person and music ambassador. He owns and runs the Intec Digital record label (formerly known as Intec Records) and he broke boundaries at Space Ibiza from the venue’s first show in 1989 to its closing party earlier this year. Techno music in his own words: “Techno drives home somewhere. It takes you to an element of surprise, not knowing where you’re going. It’s scary, but wonderful at the same time.”

The Legends Of Techno: Chris Liebing

As is the case with all individuals in this list, Chris Liebing has written Techno history on an international scale. The German Techno DJ, producer, radio host and label owner (CLR)
is not only one of the most influential DJs, but also one of the most innovative ones. The man has been leaving his own distinct mark on the Techno scene for over 25 years and continues to impress with his ever-dynamic live sets and pounding productions.

The Legends of Techno: Sven Väth

Lovingly referred to as “Papa Sven” by his fans, Sven Väth has set the trend in Techno for over 30 years. A more than avid supporter of vinyl, his live sets are about as old-school as they get and equally world-renowned. He is a legend in his own lifetime, built the globally acclaimed Cocoon music empire from the ground up and is a music visionary, all in one. In simple terms, Sven Väth is next level.

Written by Jessica Franco

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