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The Legends of Trance: Part 1


All great things in life start small and Trance is no exception. From the moment it captivated its first listeners in the early ’90s, it went on to become one of the world’s leading sounds thanks to the diligence of its key artists. Now, an Electronic Music palette without Trance is unthinkable. As a dedication to those making that happen, we spotlight the acts and artists that deserve recognition for the role they played in the meteoric rise of the genre. Rising as part 1 in the series, this is the first batch of The Legends Of Trance…

The Legends of Trance: Chicane

If we’re talking the history of Trance and the name Chicane comes up, so will a bunch of the genre’s classics. Chicane, also known as the British DJ, producer, and musician Nick Bracegirdle, conjured timeless tunes such as ‘Offshore’ (1996) and ‘Saltwater’ (1999), and even peaked at #1 in the UK with ‘Don’t Give Up’ feat. Bryan Adams in the year 2000. Never one to rest of his laurels, Chicane is to put out his seventh artist album soon. If that’s not something to look out for, few things in life are.

The Legends of Trance: Dash Berlin

Who doesn’t remember the wave of pure emotion that is ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’. If you don’t and cannot recall any of the other early works of Dash Berlin either, you can hardly call yourself a Trance fan. ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ marked the breakthrough of the production trio in 2007, followed up by everlasting cuts such as ‘Man On the Run’, ‘Waiting’ (feat. Emma Hewitt), and’ Never Cry Again’. The trio has gone down the more Progressive House-oriented road recently, but the before-mentioned records will always be a part of the strong legacy of Trance music.

The Legends of Trance: Armin van Buuren

Where to start with Armin van Buuren? Firmly entwined with the genre from its early days till this very moment in time, Armin van Buuren began his Trance endeavors with instant classics such as ‘Blue Fear’ (1997) and ‘Communication’ (1998). In the following years, the pioneer and leading act became the world’s most prominent flag bearer of the genre, promoting the music through his sold output of productions, exhilarating live performances, and the perseverance in which he hosted Trance’s #1 radio show ‘(A State Of Trance) since 2001.

The man’s got six full-fledged artist albums to his name, put out over 35 revered Trance compilations, headlined more (Trance) events than anyone could possibly comprehend, and put Trance music on the map. We could go on for days, but we reckon you get the picture. Regarding classic Trance tunes made by Armin van Buuren, there are far too many to mention. But you can start by diving into the likes of ‘Blue Fear’, ‘Communication’, ‘Shivers’, ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’ (as Perpetuous Dreamer), and ‘Clear Blue Moon’ (as Rising Star).

The Legends of Trance: Rank 1

Formed in the Netherlands in 1997 through a joint venture of Benno de Goeij and Piet Bervoets, Rank 1 is a name fully entwined with all that is Trance. The duo’s third single ‘Airwave’ is arguably their most well-known creation, although records such as ‘Awakening’ and ‘Such Is Life’ are up for pole position on that matter as well. The guys are still active (recently through two tracks with Trance legend M.I.K.E. Push: ‘Juno’ and ‘Zenith’), so you might get to experience some more glorious stuff from these guys in the near future.

The Legends of Trance: Marcel Woods

When it comes to Dutchman Marcel Woods, it’s ‘Advanced’ stuff you’d be dealing with. The record, which became an anthem of Trance Energy 2006, is undoubtedly one of Woods’ most well-known tracks, followed closely by ‘Cherry Blossom’. Unfortunately, Marcel Woods has retired from DJ’ing and producing. Little known fact, he is now the CEO of 2-Dutch Agency. And recently, 2-Dutch joined forces with Armada Music to launch 2-Dutch Music as a brand-new imprint. It doesn’t necessarily deal in Trance music, but it shows that Mr. Woods wasn’t solely a champ at crafting up revered Trance classics.

One part down, at least five more to go! Check them out for more Legends Of Trance…

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