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The Sickest Crowds In The World!

In the DJ life, nothing beats whipping up the crowd with a few of your personal favorites, especially when the audience in front of you is among the best in the world. Their energy is unrivalled and their determination to see their favorite acts perform goes way beyond what could be expected of anyone. So here’s a tribute to the sickest crowds in the world.

Though there are plenty of kick-ass music festivals in India, we went with Sunburn on this one. The festival saw its first edition in 2007 and can be a real treat to your senses if you’re going at it the right way. But one of the main reasons why the festival is so acclaimed has to be the relentless enthusiasm of its visitors. It’s all comes down to a mutual love for music here, and that’s what ensures such an amazing crowd.


When the subject of amassed and ecstatic party animals comes up, few can resist pointing in the direction of the U.S. And for good reason as well, because there’s a reason why the U.S. is represented by an extensive list of world-renowned and spectacular Electronic Music events. You could visit any of them to understand why the U.S. holds a top spot in this list.

Ibiza is where it goes down! It has been one of the leading Electronic Music hotspots for decades. Few travel to the party island without looking to visit some of the most illustrious parties in the world. Walk into any of the renowned clubs and you’ll surely notice why the Ibiza club culture and its audience are on another plane entirely.

Belgium might not be your first choice when appointed the task of selecting the world’s sickest crowds. It wasn’t the country we thought of first either. But after seeing the 2-hour live set of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in their home country, we couldn’t ignore their enthusiasm any more than you could after watching the video below.

Unlike fellow Asian country India, Japan doesn’t have its own mammoth festival. But as Ultra Music Festival branched out and touched down in the lands of samurai and sushi, we saw more than just a glimpse of how strongly the people of Japan desire huge Electronic Music events. Considering their eagerness to fist-pump for ten hours straight, they deserve to have one of their own.

The U.K. is known to be two steps ahead of the rest of world in almost everything music-related and because of that, it might be considered fairly difficult to please the U.K. audience. But if you do happen to hit the right note, you’ll be greeted by ear-deafening cheers and tremors caused by amassed jumping. The U.K. crowd might be picky, but they’re one of the best in the world as well.

Stereosonic is pretty much synonymous with the party scene in Australia. If you have been lucky enough to experience the madness of Stereosonic firsthand, you will know that Australians are in for a kick-ass party any time. Isn’t that what love for music is all about?

When the people of Mexico turn their attention towards their favorite kind of Electronic Music, nothing can even compare to the madness that will surely unfold. If we had to single out one of the countries to reward them for complete and utter dedication to the cause, Mexico would be a top contender.

The Netherlands
As one of the few countries able to rival the size and importance of Miami’s Winter Music Confernce with their very own Amsterdam Dance Event, the Netherlands are home to some of the most esteemed artists in the world. Becoming a world-famous artist naturally starts with a fierce passion for music. And since almost the entire population of the Netherlands has this kind of love for music coursing through their veins, we couldn’t exclude them from this list.

Closing off this list in style, we’ve got Brazil! Considering their eagerness to party and dance to anything that has a beat or a rhythm, Electronic Music was bound to have the Brazilian hearts grow fonder. And now that more and more global festivals and events begin to pick up on that characteristic, South American enthusiasm, none can deny that Brazilians know how to party. Whenever you see a legion of Brazilian flags at a music festival, grab your phone and start recording. Madness is sure to follow.

The Rest Of The World
Nope, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of you! From South Africa to Argentina, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Russia, China, and everywhere else, you are the reason why Electronic Music thrives today. You guys are those who keep the spirit of the music alive and we’re extremely lucky to see that such dedicated and passionate people roam this earth. Stay awesome!


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