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The biggest and most popular Trance Spotify Playlists


If you love music, you’re eager to discover new tracks that make your spine tingle. And this means you’ve most likely embarked on a never-ending quest like many others before you. Some of you are unimaginably good at it and craft up your own playlist to share these newly-found gems, but most find it too difficult and overly time-consuming to keep up to date with the tidal wave of music that floods the world on a daily basis. Have no fear though. As we brandish ten of the biggest Trance Spotify playlist of the moment, we just made it a hell of a lot easier for you to stay clued-up. Go check it out!

A State Of Trance Radio – 263.000 subs
This is by far the biggest Trance playlist out there and for good reason as well. Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show is king of the hill when it comes to live-on-air Trance music, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a playlist containing the biggest tunes of its latest episodes is so immensely popular. From the Future Favorite to the Tune Of The Week, the ASOT Classic, or just any of the other amazing tunes selected by the five-time number one DJ in the world, this is where to find the latest of top tunes.

Trance Top 1000 – 170.000 subs
It’s definitely not a typo. It’s not a mere Top 10, nor a Top 50 or Top 100. The Trance Top 1000 is exactly what the name implies; it is a genuine playlist containing 1000(!) Trance tracks. With such an imposing amount of tracks gathered in this playlist, there are bound to more than just a few worthwhile tunes, don’t you reckon?

Trance Life – Spotify – 156.000 subs
Ahh, Spotify’s very own Trance playlist. As it garnered a staggering amount of 156.000 subs, it truly deserves to be among the top three biggest Trance playlist on Spotify. As they put it themselves: “vocal, tech, progressive trance… It’s a way of life”. Who can disagree with that?

A State Of Trance Episodes – 50.000 subs
It’s the second A State Of Trance-related Spotify playlist in this list, but that doesn’t mean it is any less special. Instead of only featuring the highlights of the radio show, this playlist features the ENTIRE episodes. And that’s a good thing, because your taste could of course differ from those that curate the A State Of Trance Radio playlist. This is the one where you don’t miss out on ANYTHING that’s played.

The Lift Up – Spotify – 18.000 subs
You might’ve noticed that the term ‘uplifting’ is missing in the description of Spotify’s Trance Life playlist. Well, this one kind of makes up for that. Not everything is that full-on, highly energetic uplifting trance you might’ve hoped for, but it’s still a darn good playlist. Does seem to lack weekly updates though.

Vocal Trance Hits – 18.000 subs
There it is! An entire playlist dedicated to the glorious combination of Trance and soul-stirring vocals. Welcome to the Vocal Trance Hits playlist. Needless to say, this is the playlist to subscribe to if you love a good Trance tune to have a striking vocal on top.

Above & Beyond: Group Therapy Radio – 14.000 subs
Another playlist here made up of radio show highlights. This time, however, it’s not Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show at the center of it all; it is Above ‘& Beyond’s Group Therapy. More focused on progressive trance in the well-known Anjunabeats style, it’s not a diverse or popular as any A State Of Trance-related playlists. Nonetheless, it is good and beloved, judging by the amount of 14.000 followers.

Who’s Afraid Of 138?! – 14.000 subs
You’re not afraid of 138, are you?! Good, because that’s the ultimate uplifting trance playlist in this list. The whopping amount of 14.000 subs underlines how loyal the global Trance crowd is to the ‘pure trance’ of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So if you’re not afraid of some driving basslines and fast-paced melodies, follow this playlist. If you dare…

A State Of Trance Classics – 12.000 subs
Making one think back to the early days of the genre and the first music-induced tear-shedding, this playlist is the tribute to the strong legacy of Trance music. Spotlighting hundreds of kick-ass Trance classics that may or may not have been featured on one of the dashing A State Of Trance episodes, the A State Of Trance Classics playlist has raked up some of the best memories for a least 12.000 (and counting) Trance music enthusiasts. How’s that for a flashback?

Best Of Trance and Progressive (updated daily) by André Kristianslund – 8.000 subs
Frankly, this is the only Trance playlist in this list that’s completely curated by a ‘regular’ user. Whereas the others are crafted up by a record company, label or Spotify themselves, André Kristianslund managed to accumulate over 8.000 subscribers. Probably for a good reason, so you’d do wise to check out the Trance arsenal that this guy has so kindly put together.

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